A downloadable game

Super Evil Corps

Made for the Castle Game Jam 2018 by:

Isak Andrén
David Zetterdahl
Joel Setterberg
Alain Shakour
Itana Pejović
Elie Abraham
Andreas Wilcox

Story Summary

You're employee number 1, one of many unnamed clones in the super evil corporation. Your daily task includes looking at a monitor and pretending to work.

But today you must deliver your boss's lunch. Surely a few traps in the way of you won't stop you?

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Brew Beard


Best played with a controller.
Otherwise just use your keyboard.

  • WSAD for movements,
  • "Enter" to throw random objects,
  • "Space" to jump like a hero,
  • "Ctrl" to french slide

Install instructions

Download and unzip the game and just run the .exe included.

Best played with a controller.


SuperEvilCorps_v1.2.zip 33 MB


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We thoroughly enjoyed your game on our channel; had so much more fun than we thought. Hilarious, simplistic and worthy of praise. Wonderful job!

Just saw the video, glad you guys liked it!

Yes This game was alot better than i was expecting great job my friend